Rules for dating a romantic hero

29 Dec

George Gordon Noel Byron was born, with a clubbed right foot, in London on 22 January 1788, the son of Catherine Gordon of Gight, an impoverished Scots heiress, and Captain John ("Mad Jack") Byron, a fortune-hunting widower with a daughter, Augusta.The profligate captain squandered his wife’s inheritance, was absent for the birth of his only son, and eventually decamped for France, an exile from English creditors, where he died in 1791 at thirty-six, the mortal age for both the poet and his daughter Ada.His faceted personality found expression in satire, verse narrative, ode, lyric, speculative drama, historical tragedy, confessional poetry, dramatic monologue, seriocomic epic, and voluminous correspondence, written in Spenserian stanzas, heroic couplets, blank verse, terza rima, ottava rima, and vigorous prose.In his dynamism, sexuality, self-revelation, and demands for freedom for oppressed people everywhere, Byron captivated the Western mind and heart as few writers have, stamping upon nineteenth-century letters, arts, politics, even clothing styles, his image and name as the embodiment of Romanticism.

So the first rule is: shoot anyone who compares you to Kate Middleton. I think she controls everything in a life that must be totally crazy with such grace and humor.

This is a lovely short story that mixes love with a slight humour and is very British with the way that it is written.

I would most definitely recommend this to someone who wants to read, but doesn't know where to start.

Tea towels, scented soaps, lovely cut-out paper doll book kits, plants that will die several weeks later – I lose it the moment I step inside one).

Then I said, ‘Let’s go into the maze, it’ll be fun.’ Twenty minutes later, not so much fun.