Sexting online chat

06 May

Police have warned of the dangers sexting can have including loss of control and leaving young adults at the risk of being exploited by paedophiles and sexual predators.

The law is quite clear on sexting and police and the criminal justice system are taking sexting more serious than ever in a bid to try and minimise young people exploiting themselves in this way.

Maybe have a talk to her mum and tell her your worries, it may be better her mum had a word about this though as at that age she'll be gobsmacked her dad having this conversation.

I am going to speak to her but just don't know how to approach this I'm truly ashamed of her right now it's heartbreaking.

Please advise and help me Maybe do it in a round about way,like say about the dangers of talking to strangers online...

I will continue to read the threads on this subject, to get a better understanding, but as usual, as a man, it is only now I have a problem I am asking the females for advice!

Hi Netmums, I ask this question because any advice could assist me in my course of action, I believe I just caught my 14 yr old daughter sexting.