Are ethan peck and lindsey shaw dating in real life

19 Apr

He’s one of the recurring characters in all of Christopher Guest’s movies ( (and more, but those are really the only two you need to watch). She’s got the look and the attitude to take over where Julia Stiles left off.So, let’s be honest here, I’m not going to be watching this show; I’m not even sure if I have the ABC Family channel.I can’t say it was a surprise to hear that this movie was being made into a TV show — most things are being reduced, reused and recycled these days.I will be surprised if this ends up being any good.Somehow I’m not too confident in ABC Family giving us some real “hot” anything, much less a hot lesbian scene. Will there actually be a gal pal storyline that is treated with respect?Or (more likely the case) will there be a flexo-sexual storyline or (almost worse) the stereotypically written aggressive, angsty lesbian character?I remember in '99 there was, like, a lot of teen movies.That was, like, the year of Varsity Bluesand She's All That, and all that.

Before the other reporters and I headed out to Santa Clarita Studios, we met at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood to have breakfast with one of the cast members who wasn't filming that day, Ethan Peck, who plays the mysterious Patrick Verona, a character which the late Heath Ledger portrayed in what turned out to be his breakthrough role. When I got the audition, I hadn't even recalled the film at the time.Parents need to know that this teen-targeted series based on the same-named 1999 film includes frequent references to sex -- including comments about girls’ bodies, use of terms like “get laid,” passionate kissing, and mention of teens’ sexual experience.Popularity is a key concern, and one central character uses her social status to terrorize all but her closest friends, and her behavior goes unchecked by her peers and adults.Peck will play opposite Lindsey Shaw in the TV series adaptation, according to Hollywood Reporter.was one of a popular spate of teen films that hit theaters right before the new millennium and now, 10 years later, the film is getting new life on the small screen.