Homeless dating singles

19 Jan

But, he admits, “The methadone I take to kick my dope habit kills my sex drive.” The fact that Robert is homeless doesn’t come up during these hookups — verification of a permanent address is not a typical topic of first-date chit-chat.His dream is to sell his original artwork, but in reality, it’s the reproductions that pay the bills: monthly cellphone service, the occasional night at a hostel, gym membership and art supplies.He gets 90 percent of the earnings, giving the seller a 10 percent cut for their essentially renting their user name and bio.Over the past three years, Robert estimates he has sold close to 0,000 of work on e Bay — though he’s lost most of his past earnings partying.Our Calling, a Dallas-based nonprofit, has created an app to help the local homeless population find nearby shelters, free meals and job training.Another app in San Francisco allows users to access information about local shelters.Going to jail wouldn’t be the worst thing, admits Robert, who is saving up for a new apartment.“If I go to jail, I’ll still be able to paint and sell my art on e Bay, so it wouldn’t be so bad.

Robert, who asked not to give his last name, moved to New York City in November 2015 after stints in Las Vegas and California.

(He bought his i Phone outright and pays monthly for service, using a shelter’s address for his bill and piggybacking on free Wi-Fi when he can.) He makes money by selling the paintings on e Bay through a third-party seller.

The seller has the legitimacy of a physical address and a good track record, which Robert can’t prove for himself.

So Robert — a recovering heroin addict — used Google to source local shelters, and found one connected to a methadone program.

But there are other ways to put a roof over his head for the night.