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31 Dec

Hi All, I popped into my local BMW (Benham Wolverhampton) a few days ago to ask about the possibility of getting my I-Drive FW updated.

I know the parts guy in there and he usually goes the extra mile to help me out, but when I asked about updating the CIC FW he said he could see it being 200 if they could do it at all.

After down loading it, and installing it, all it would do when I clicked on it, it tells me to go to my C drive and look up a certain line for more details.

I went to my C drive and went to the place where myibay was sitting, but that line was not there.

When you try and run the program and you get "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135).

This morning on my way to work the reduced engine performance light came on and was able to pull the code at the dealer where I work at and this was the code I got 2C58 Mods are as follows: JB4 with FF wires CPE 5" DP VRSF 5" IC ER CP I had the vanos unit replaced already when I first bought my car.

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