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04 May

Many Vids has been growing very fast and now has 1.5M active registered members.

At MV we are always very happy to welcome new content creators daily.

If the content of a vid has been flagged by our support team as potentially disturbing to some viewers, but still falls within our accepted categories, a warning message will be displayed on top of that specific vid.

We wish to offer to our Members and MV Stars the choice to opt out from viewing content that may be offensive to them.

As an MV Star you should only create content that you are comfortable producing.

Vision: transforms sex-industry workers into successful, independent entrepreneurs.We want to allow our MV Stars and Members to enjoy their sexual fantasies within a safe and positive environment.We recognize that sexual desire is the most fundamental part of our nature.Sex is beautiful in itself, and we want to promote exploring and embracing all of the many different kinks and sexual tastes.It is important for us that you can be yourself on MV. Many MV Stars come from harsh backgrounds, having chosen the adult industry not out of choice, but out of necessity.