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07 Dec

According to the animal rights organization peta2, a vegan saves the lives of more than 100 animals every year from life on a factory farm and slaughter.

Japan is less difficult than it used to be but Europe still is. In Antwerp there is a really quaint vegan spot with a photo of Moby on the wall and a paper mâché cow hanging from the ceiling and a wonderful woman who spoke 7 languages running it. No cooking - even though cooking really will decimate the cost of eating vegan. What if you were going to a potluck – what dish would you bring?

In New York, there’s a place called Candle 79 on the Upper East Side: I would fly to New York just to eat there.

And unfortunately on tour, sometimes you just don’t have the time even if you’re in the city and you’re right next door.

was written and edited all over the world, and in the skies above it, but the majority of it was tapped out in a West Hollywood coffee shop.

The owners and managers were kind enough to let me squat while sapping their wireless.", explaining, "I was easily inspired to keep that world alive out of love for the writing process, for the pop kids themselves, and by the impact of the very real culture they represent.