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28 Apr

You could easily spend half a day wandering through the grounds and only see a fraction of it all. If you visit the cathedral at the right time of day, you’ll find that the light streaming in through the stained glass lights up the surrounding walls which are covered in tiny mosaics. The hollow cylinder pastry is usually topped off with powdered sugar, but you can also get it with nutella inside. You can also visit the monastery’s library which includes over 16,000 texts and one of the oldest monastic collections in the whole country. There is a little street not too far from Prague Castle, which is knows as Novy Svet (literally, New World).

It’s a place where very few tourists venture, yet everything about this street oozes charm – the detailed doorhandles, the crooked walls, the worn cobbled streets.

(24) Drop by “Farmer’s Market Jirak” on a Saturday.

If you’re up early on a Saturday morning, it’s worth swinging by this little farmer’s market.

Freud suffered from several phobias including fear of his own death, which is what this particular piece alludes to. Kampa Island is an island located on the Vltava River and it is the starting point for many of the city’s boat cruises. To reach the island you’ll want to take the staircase that veers off of Charles Bridge on the west bank. Another popular stop on this list of things to do in Prague, is the Lennon Wall.

From the minute I got there I was taken aback by the beautiful Baroque architecture, the soft pastel-coloured facades, and the hundreds of domes and spires dominating the city’s skyline.Until 1841, this was the only means of crossing the Vltava River and reaching Prague Castle from the Old Town.Today you’ll find musicians playing everything from classical pieces to blues, artists drawing unflattering caricatures, and vendors selling postcards and jewelry. Prague’s Old Town Square is nothing short of beautiful!The Mucha Museum in Prague is dedicated to Mucha’s work and it displays over 100 paintings, drawings, lithographs, and pastels produced by the artist. The Klementinum is a complex of buildings near the Old Town.You can sign up for tours of the Klementinum, which include access to the Baroque Library Hall, the Mirror Chapel, and the Astronomical Clock Tower.