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20 Dec

Katherine managed to make Stefan overcome the traumatism by telling him that the real problem wasn't how he felt about being trapped, but rather the pain he felt from Elena leaving him and being with his brother Damon.

They almost kissed but before they can Caroline opened up the safe, worried because they had gone silent.

Later, Stefan escorted her to the Founder's Ball, when afterwards he told her that he loved her.

She was astonished by this, and appears to be left speechless by his kiss.

Soon after that Damon left Mystic Falls a soldier & went for a war.

It was a moment, when Stefan started develop feelings for Katherine & they become closer.

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He is not accepting of this and appears to be very frightened of her.They are known as "Steferine" and "Sterine" by fans.In Katherine's flashback to 1864, she admitted that she saw Stefan for the first time before they officially met in Salvatore Mansion.She is prepared to leave, but sees Stefan and Damon's lifeless bodies on the ground. And I wanted to leave town, but, Elena, I couldn't." Katherine makes her first non-flashback appearance in Founder's Day.Ignoring Damon, she runs to Stefan, caressing his face, proceeding to say "I love you, Stefan. I promise." She then kisses him for the last time and leaves him, not seeing him again for another 145 years. Took me years to sort that out,to truly understand what she did to us." In The Turning Point, Stefan asked by Elena, described his room: "It's the only place that has remained constant. She approaches Elena's house, so far the viewers believing it to be Elena.