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The Mark II was carried by soldiers during many post-Vietnam military operations such as: Operation Paul Bunyan (Korea, 1976), Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada, 1983), Operation Mount Hope III (Chad, 1988), Operation Just Cause (Panama, 1989), Operation Desert Shield (Saudi Arabia, 1990), Operation Desert Storm (Saudi Arabia/Kuwait/Iraq, 1991), Operation Provide Comfort (Iraq/Kuwait, 1991-96), Operation Southern Watch (Iraq/Kuwait, 1992), Operation Restore Hope (Somalia, 1992), Operation Able Sentry (Macedonia, 1993), Operation Joint Endeavor (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1995), Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan, ongoing), Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq, ongoing) ...

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The user interface calls this the Connection-specific Suffix.

Some video chat rooms have the ability to upload photos to user profiles, as well as create themed chat rooms.

In addition, you can help to build and introduce new features in the video chat.

First impression: the latest Mark II lives up to the standard of the earlier Mark II.

Special edition Mark IIs were produced outside this date range: 35th Anniversary (2001) and 2002 Limited Edition.