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06 Dec

While his sexual preferences still remain a mystery & his closeness with his best friend Harrison raises questions, nothing is confirmed yet.Let's just enjoy & appreciate his tight little body. Realistically there's still time for him to fly out late Friday, early Saturday He must have met Haz's brother, and it's not like him to turn down an excuse to get smashed, over being alone in a creepy woodland mansion. Offlmits provides listeners with discussions on advice, politics to religion, to money and sex and a little bit of everything in between from a gay perspective.Straights, bi, gay, lesbian, transgendered, and anyone else is welcome to participate on our sometimes heated discussions.Even Haz's family are getting paid by Sony.[R33] I mean, remembering the name of a random tailor that some random kid used for a movie premier that occurred three months ago is a whole other brand of crazy, but thanks for the reassurance, I guess.R39 Jesus-- the fact that they're obsessed enough to have the patience to figure that out (notice the billboard in the background, screenshot and blow up the pic, track the flights, etc.) is beyond scary. I mean, it's not like he's an actor and the entire entertainment industry is in LA.I wondered if they were going to NYCC.r563 I'm pretty sure that's an old picture from just before the Japanese premier. Just a reminder that Tom and Harrison used to go out on double dates with Fox (Tom's friend) and his boyfriend. Should we go really far like some others and take this as a "receipt"?When he was still trying to prove he could grow that (ridiculous) beard.[quote]He's no twunk (twink transitioning to jock or hunk).[quote]Not a hunk? There was an interview posted in the old thread where they asked Tom to describe Peter & Liz's relationship & someone from the bg (Haz?

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He looks good in the picture.r562 Oh is that where this is. Lionsgate must be thinking about chaining him to the set if he takes anymore time of for Marvel.What I've learned from the Tomdaya stans on tumblr tonight: -if Tom goes silent for the weekend it's because he's in LA visiting Zendaya.-if Tom posts a picture or video from his current place in Canada it's an old picture or video being posted to mislead. with mammels, you're just unlucky if you get the wrong gender, with reptiles, (and I think some others too right? Mice are some of the perfect species for that, given how quickly they breed and grow up ^^I'm trying to figure out all colors in mice, I really like to learn more. " You sure know at what temperature they were hatched x DThe thing that surprises me, is how little the temperature difference has to be! But it is handy, like in zoo's for breeding programs!