31 Dec

I only registered for a month in May, and I have not visited that site since, I thought, the period of one month had expired.Having been unable to contact them (what a surprise!Dating Direct are a nightmare be warned you can only contact them through the post!! They also will keep taking money from your account.

To do this, go to the website and click on the ‘Help’ link at the bottom of the page. They would prefer to keep taking your money than to process your demand to stop.COM LIMITED 27 OLD GLOUCESTER STREET LONDON WC1N 3XX My contact details:- ***** My previous address at which I registered with them (I moved on 2nd July): ***** I look forward to hearing from you, Yours faithfully, Sophie ****** hi there, i have been reading chris`s e mails on dating direct.I received a e mail from them offering 3 days i signed up ,no free 3 days.I am reduced to ringing my bank and doing it from that end. I signed up to dating direct for one month but have just noticed from my bank statments that(stupidly I don't often check them) that for a number of months money has been coming out without my asking for them to take it out.How do I contact dating direct to complain about this?