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However a new market is being developed to tackle the issue of frequent fire outbreaks and also to develop the market to meet modern standards.The main occupations in Kumasi are professional such as services and manufacturing. Solar energy technology is a major energy source and contributor of electricity generation in Ashanti.The Bantama High Street and the Prempeh II Street in Bantama and Adum respectively have the reputation of being the hub of business and night life in Kumasi.The city rose to prominence in 1695 when it became capital of the Ashanti Confederacy due to the activities of its ruler Osei Tutu.

Kejetia is also a major tourist destination in Kumasi.

There is also heavy economic activities at Bantama and Asafo. Most of the printing done in Kumasi and Ashanti Region as a whole is done in Kumasi.

There are both government assisted Primary Schools in Kumasi and also private Primary schools in Kumasi which educate boys and girls between the ages from 6 to 15.

Parts of the city, including the then royal residence, were destroyed by British troops in the Third Anglo-Ashanti War of 1874.

Lady Mary Alice Hodgson, the first English lady to visit Ashanti, wrote "The Siege of Kumasi" an account of the siege of the fort by the nationals of Ashanti Confederation Ashantiland and of the subsequent march to the coast.) In 1926, following the return of the Ashanti king, Prempeh I after a 30-year exile Kumasi was restored as the ceremonial control over the Ashanti sub-states and the full role of king was restored by the colonial administration in 1935.