Sprung the dating game review

09 Apr

While the characters in a Japanese dating sim like Tokimeki build up their affections towards each other slowly over a long period of time, Sprung almost feels like a one night stand.

You either get it on right here, right now, or you don't.

You read a bunch of text, then choose the direction you want to go by flipping to the corresponding page, then read another bunch of text, flip to another page, and so on and so forth until you reached the end.

Curiosity will have you read the book again, but only this time, you choose a different path. And the subject matter is something that does not get dealt with often outside of Japan.

It's not an intuitive gameplay, and depends more on luck than anything else.

You can play as either and your aim is to hook up with the girl / boy of your dreams.

His reasoning is glossed over in one sentence and that is the end of it.

Another problem with Sprung is the trail and error nature of the conversation.

Let's get back to the time when you still read books, and not playing your video games (for some, you probably can't remember the days when you did NOT have a game console).

Do you remember reading 'Choose your own adventure' books?