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02 Mar

I could honestly see her having a future in movies (if she adds the missing ‘H’ to her first name). MOST DISAPPOINTING Janelle Issis & Dareian Kujawa My pre-season rankings had Janelle and Dareian each ranked at No.3 among the Top 10 guys and girls, but I’m coming to the sad realization that their actual dancing isn’t really living up to expectations.If you read Burra history, or tour around the town, sooner or later you are likely to be told that the pioneers in the mid nineteenth century lived in groups dependent upon their place of origin.Aberdeen was apparently favoured by the Scots, Redruth (with its Cornish street names) was home to the Cornish and Llwchwr was obviously a Welsh settlement. No one seems to have decided on the composition of Kooringa; the Aboriginal origin of its name apparently offering no help in this regard.Plus, the duo pulled off some of the best head swivels in Lindsay Arnold & Cole Horibe I don’t want to take anything away from the couple — as Christina Applegate pointed out, Lindsay, in particular, spoke so much with just her muscles and her body — but really, they could’ve stumbled around the stage for 90 seconds and I’d still have been stirred by that gorgeous cover of “Wild Horses,” by Lindsay’s exquisite seafoam dress, and yes, by the dramatic lighting that the judges cooed about excessively.Credit where it’s due, though, Lindsay and Cole really brought to life Mandy Moore’s abstract piece about light and dark, and Lindsay’s pirouettes were stunning, to boot.Eliana Girard & Cyrus Spencer I’ve been mesmerized by Eliana since her audition, but watching her transition from music-box ballerina to a manic, booty-dropping hip-hopper provided the episode’s biggest thrill.

Oh, and the Charlie Chaplins were actually our Top 16 dancers in mustachioed drag, part of a Tyce Diorio group number that left me as cold as a meat locker (maybe it’s because I’m generally opposed to routines where I can’t tell one contestant apart from the next).

Even worse, though, Matthew and Audrey performed the routine as a series of steps and tricks, without any sort of connectivity or transitions to hold them together.

And as Nigel noted, even the tricks — like that tornado spin — were too slow and finished too quickly.

Will these kids prove to have enough of a fan base to avoid the Bottom 3?

That’s the biggest question looming over the next Tiffany Maher & George Lawrence II Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with the literalness of Nappy Tabs’ choreography, and this “babysitters with a crying infant” piece — with its funhouse crib and dressers — definitely fell into that category.