Updating pending checkins visual studio Anal online chat

31 Jan

Is there any way to change this default behavior to not check any pending changes on check-in?2) Is there any way to group changes into lists as opposed one big bucket of changes?

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Would you like to bind this solution to source control now? Why solutions are not integrated by default while creating my project (my friends are doing it automatically, they don't need to right-click in Source Control Explorer to add item to be able to see pending changes)? This can be useful when performing changes to only a few items -- just uncheck everything, then make sure you have only the items checked that you'd like to update.Use Click (then right-click) to 'Undo' selected changes.If your changes are in different projects you can partition what you check in using the Source Control Explorer by right clicking on the project folder and checking in that way.It will auto check only the files in the folder you right click on.