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01 Jan

This is an area to complement the Beer parlour and Tea room.

Its purpose is specifically for discussing the future development of the English Wiktionary, both as a dictionary and as a website.

That might be sufficient, depending on what the content in your template looks like, or it might need further development.

And as there are quite some thoughts with potential of serious consequences about script labels I reminded about the internet standard for this, which is also more readible and which many people have surely forgotten.If we did want a third class, I either introduce Both, like how "negar" experiences both diphthongization and orthographic changes, or Irregular Stem with Regular Ending, like how haber and avere both experience syncopation in the future tense, but otherwise conjugate regularly. In most templates it simply means "text in one or more of the other parameters of the template is in this script", but this proposal would add the meaning "the link will be labeled by a script or religion name".And these two things should be separate, so that you can use the script or religion label without manually supplying the script code, and you can supply the script code without replacing the language name with a script or religion.The Grease pit is a place to discuss technical issues such as templates, Lua modules, CSS, Java Script, the Media Wiki software, extensions to it, the toolserver, etc.It is also a place to think in non-technical ways about how to make the best free and open online dictionary of "all words in all languages".