Who is dating in the wwe

23 Dec

They both wore white and appeared on camera together during the WWE Network’s broadcast of the event.Sanders also posted this photo of them going to the show with Rusev and Lana.

Many WWE Superstars date fellow wrestlers, and while Sanders is an elite athlete like Lynch, he’s not a wrestler.

“The spinning back kick that I’ve started using in a lot of my matches is something he showed me.

There is a bunch of stuff that he showed me in the gym the other day that I haven’t incorporated yet, but it’s so good to be able to bring a different freshness into the ring.” As far as trying out mixed martial arts herself, it’s not something she’s interested in.

“I’ve never seen anyone work harder in my life,” Lynch wrote on Instagram.

“His dedication and work ethic is second to none and I’m in absolute awe of everything this amazing man has done.” Lynch also revealed how Sanders got ready for the fight during an interview with Lilian Garcia on the former WWE ring announcer’s podcast, .