Who is lolo jones dating 2016

08 Apr

She was born in the year 1982 on 5th of august and this makes her age 33 at this time.She was born in a place called Des Moines, which lies in Iowa of United States of America. She belongs to nationality is American and it is quite obvious as she was born in America.

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She has a very warm 414k followers in Twitter and this shows how widespread she has been in the site.Instead, she monitored the main of elite hurdler Kim Carson, who was her part model and Caldwell's goddaughter.Carson was an All-American and national champion at Louisiana State College.Lolo Jones' critical tweet of the movie, "50 Shades of Grey" causes backlash "Track star Lolo Jones, obviously a Gossip Extra fan, is the one who told us about the switcheroo," wrote. "Sorry Lolo, sorry Ndamukong." In September of 2012, Media reported that Jones, Olympic hurdler by summer and bobsled push athlete by winter, was dating Suh, then of the Detroit Lions.shot down that rumor at the time: " 'We are not currently dating,' said Jones, who is preparing along with other Olympians for their visit Friday to the White House.