Microsoft forefront not updating client

07 Jan

One thing to stop and mention is what a pre-release feature really is.

Pre-release features are supported working versions that can be installed in production, however, they are still being developed and more functionality is being added.

There are some limitations to peer cache, unlike a standard distribution point running on a full Windows Server. This blog is intended to show requirements, answer questions, and show testing results.

End users can search for applications with a self-service Software Center and specify times when installations and upgrades take place.

Congrats on making it (finally) to the end of my blog for the SCCM Peer Cache.

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Peer Cache is intended to serve as an additional option for clients to download content, mostly thinking in terms of OS Deployments to accelerate the process while taking into consideration environmental factors like network bandwidth.

In a peer cache, there are one or more systems which host the content, and clients looking for said content will have the peer available as an additional option.