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17 Feb

She says: ‘The very first thing he asked me was, “How old are you? This was in September and I hadturned 16 that August.’After dinner Polanski checked the girlsout of the hotel room that he had dismissed as substandard and tookthem back to his apartment.While her friend retired to a neighbouringflat, Charlotte stayed chatting with the director on the sofa in hisliving room.‘We were drinking Moet and Chandon, I’ll neverforget that, and I still can’t drink that champagne to this day.On Friday, Charlotte, now 42, called a Press conference in Los Angeles to claim that director Roman Polanski, the man who gave her her first break, had abused her, ‘in the worst possible way’ when she was just 16 years old.Polanski is currently under house arrest in Gstaad in Switzerland under threat of extradition to America to face charges of an alleged rape of a 13-year-old in 1977.But she did return and she gotthe part that would launch her career.

Charlotte says that the following morning, Polanski invited her and Eliza to join him for breakfast in his living room, and she accepted. I needed to clean myself and I went to get fresh clothes.

I will never forgive Polanski for what he has done to me.’Charlotte had only just turned 16 when she first encountered Polanski.

She had left school at 15 and by her own admission thought she was ‘pretty grown-up and street smart’ at the time.

Charlotte recalls: ‘We had come over to Paris on the boat with notmuch money so that I could meet Roman. She was also a model and a couple of years older than me.‘She had put me up for a part in Roman’s new film.

Apparently hewanted someone exotic-looking and because of my Hispanic look he wantedto see me.