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04 Feb

Provide a media and publicity plan for the event describing the media opportunities for your organization and your guest speaker, e.g., interviews and event coverage.

Finally describe the criteria you will use to evaluate the outcome of the event.

The following checklist will help you gather documents needed to complete your application.

You must complete the application in its entirety and submit all required documents by the published deadline.

BAFF alumni, including Professional Interns, Graduate Scholars, and Research Scholars, are eligible to apply.

Applications will be accepted for funding of up to ,000 USD.

Baltic Expert applications will be evaluated based on the significance of the U. conference, size and importance of the audience, and opportunities for post-program collaboration.

Cross-Baltic institutional cooperation and programs with opportunities for student participation are especially encouraged. Speakers should be chosen according to the interests and needs of the sponsoring group. S.-Baltic ties is a core value for the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, the strongest proposals will provide opportunities for bilateral learning and exchange of ideas between U. speakers and members of Baltic sponsoring institutions.

Funds will be disbursed as required based on the schedule provided in the application.

Funding of up to ,000 USD is available for successful applicants.

Baltic experts who have been invited to present at major U. In addition, proposals that include collaboration between similar groups or institutions within the Baltics and those that contain educational components for secondary or university students will be given special consideration.

Baltic experts who have been invited to speak at major U. conferences or to address significant audiences on issues of special importance are invited to apply.