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11 Jan

Mr Carter said the allegations in the class action lawsuit were based on almost 5,000 pages of evidence. Hundreds of thousands of US documents regarding Saudi Arabia remain secret.By Miles Unterreiner Education reform, as politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle for once agree, is one of the most pressing issues now confronting the American people.

Competitive federally awarded grants to the best-performing states, competitive national scholarships granted to the best-performing students in the tradition of the National Merit program, and a uniform national framework for assessing student learning will help identify both the highest and lowest achieving, enabling experts to deliver targeted aid when and where it is needed.The president, and hopefully a bipartisan coalition in Congress, could begin by fundamentally restructuring the methods by which public school teachers and administrators are compensated.First, excellent teachers must be paid a great deal more – Michelle Rhee, the brilliant and hard-charging chancellor of the D. public school system, has calculated that some of her teachers’ salaries ought to be well into the triple figures through grants by private corporations, for example.Qudhaeein was allegedly employed at the Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs, and Shalawi was a “longtime employee of the Saudi government” in Washington DC.In November 1999 they boarded an America West flight to Washington, and tried to access the cockpit several times, asking the flight attendants “technical questions” and making the staff “suspicious”.