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13 Feb

OGE believes distinguishing between items intended for presentation based on whether the item hypothetically could have some independent use is not intuitive or necessary, so long as the presentation item is truly of “little intrinsic value.” Items such as watches, artwork, items containing precious metals or gemstones, fine crystal, or that otherwise have significant independent value would not qualify for this exclusion, even if they were inscribed or otherwise adorned with personalized information (such as the name of the donor, the date of an event, or the name of the recipient).Proposed § 2635.203(b)(6) would clarify that continued participation in an employee welfare or benefit plan with a current or former employer would not constitute a gift for purposes of subpart B.Proposed Example 1 to paragraph (f)(2) is current Example 1 following § 2635.203(f).OGE proposes removing current § 2635.203(g), defining the term “vendor promotional training.” The term is no longer used in the substantive provisions of the subpart, and the definition is therefore unnecessary.OGE is proposing to revise the first sentence of § 2635.203(c), which sets out the definition of “market value” as used throughout the subpart.

Likewise, OGE has excluded from the definition of “gift” an offer of free attendance to certain personnel, such as security details or press officers, who are assigned by the agency to perform official duties in support of the presenting employee. OGE also proposes simplifying the language of the exclusion to cover “Free attendance to an event provided by the sponsor of an event to . Proposed Example 1, Example 2, and Example 3 to paragraph (b)(2) clarify the meaningof “items with little intrinsic value . Example 1 to paragraph (b)(7) emphasizes that employees may accept certain travel-related benefits, such as frequent flyer miles, pursuant to an applicable statute or regulation.This regulatory exclusion accords with OGE’s longstanding interpretation of current § 2635.204(g)(1). OGE proposes to move Example 4 following current § 2635.204(g) to Example 1 to paragraph (b)(8) following proposed § 2635.203(b)(8).OGE proposes to add Example 2 and Example 3 to paragraph (b)(8) to provide additional guidance on what constitutes “present[ing] information” on behalf of an employee’s agency.Proposed § 2635.203Definitions OGE proposes a number of changes to § 2635.203(b), which defines the term “gift” as well as provides exclusions from that definition.OGE proposes to amend current § 2635.203(b)(2), which excludes from the definition of the term “gift” certain presentation items with little intrinsic value, to permit employees to accept items that are “primarily” for presentation as opposed to only those that are “solely” for presentation.