Updating cdrom drivers

23 Feb

Card is recognized in response to “iwconfig” but LEDs do not illuminate until “ifconfig eth# up”.

Injection not tested but should work similarly to other Broadcom cards. This card requires compat-wireless or kernel build later than 2.6.24 mainly because its a softmac and it was not heavily supported until the release of p54.

Notice : Range is moderate but both monitor mode and injection work perfectly. Later versions (don’t know which ones) use the bcm43xx chipset from broadcom.

Injects IV’s at a very slow rate (about 300-500 IV’s per minute), taking about 35 hours to collect 1,000,000 IV’s. ‘modprobe bcm43xx’ then ‘ifconfig -a’ you will see your adapter as eth X Upon boot, works fine in monitor mode but doesn’t inject packets.

Back Track V.2.0-Back Track V.3.0 (Final) has the following drivers included, in addition to the standard 2.6.20/ kernel drivers: –muts The links provided above for the driver of the chipset are the links to the developer’s actual homepage.

When the card is enabled and in monitor mode it can not change back to channel 1 via iwconfig commands. To get the card back on channel 1 for monitoring, you’ll have to ifconfig ath0 down, iwconfig ath0 channel 1, and then ifconfig ath0 up.[3] The firmware supplied cannot be used to monitor as orinoco_cs notes the firmware as buggy. You will need to downgrade to 7.52 and apply 3.2.1 patch. bcm43xx driver will soon be deprecated and for this chipset it will not indicate PWR levels with airodump-ng.Last Shout - Posted by: Doppiapunta - Thursday, 14 January 2016 Ciao aragazzi.chiunque voglia comunicare qualcosa è pregato di farlo via forum ci siamo..Note that the links provided may not be current and that patches may/may not work. – hatake_kakashi VMWare or any other virtualisation software generally does not allow backtrack 2 or 3 or any other OS as guest to operate fully with any devices that are not USB which also includes wireless devices.Do not ask for support when using VMWare or any other virtualisation software when you have either: PCI/PCI-E/PCMCIA/MINI-PCI/MINI-PCIe/EXPRESS CARD and that you want virtualisation support in either #remote-exploit or the forum as this is beyond our control.