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05 Mar

The easiest way to build pandoc from source is to use stack: This is a step-by-step procedure that offers maximal control over the build and installation.Most users should use the quick install, but this information may be of use to packagers. These instructions assume that the pandoc source directory is your working directory.

Previously the lowering step of isel would turn the intrinsic into an X86 specific ISD node and a emit the masking nodes as well as some bitcasts.

(don’t clutter output with successes) to the test arguments as well.

If you add a new feature to pandoc, please add tests as well, following the pattern of the existing tests.

This means DAG combines can't see the v Xi1 type until somewhat late, making it more difficult to combine out gprmask transition sequences.

By exposing the v Xi1 type explicitly in the IR and initial Selection DAG we give earlier DAG combines and even Inst Combine the chance to see it and optimize it.