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11 Mar

The temporary credential caches are deleted after each task, and will not interfere with the default credential cache.

To disable automatic ticket management (e.g., to use an existing SSO ticket or call If you unable to connect using kerberos, check the following: Ensure that forward and reverse DNS lookups are working properly on your domain.

It allows credential delegation to do second hop authentication on a remote host by sending an encrypted form of the credentials to the remote host using the Cred SSP protocol.

Cred SSP requires the remote host to have TLS 1.2 configured or else the connection will fail.

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Ansible will still be run from a Linux control machine, and uses the “winrm” Python module to talk to remote hosts.Ansible’s windows support relies on a few standard variables to indicate the username, password, and connection type (windows) of the remote hosts.These variables are most easily set up in inventory.Note this is not an ICMP ping, but tests the Ansible communication channel that leverages Windows remoting: If you haven’t done anything to prep your systems yet, this won’t work yet.This is covered in a later section about how to enable Power Shell remoting - and if necessary - how to upgrade Power Shell to a version that is 3 or higher.