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28 Dec

I like to get as close to the paper as possible, so it looks finished and you don't see a lot of tape.Once you trim the excess off, you'll end up with a pretty, laminated bookmark like this!I do not wish to speak to the Indian call centre as I can’t understand them,’ reads one.‘In my experience, the call centres in India are worse than useless,’ laments another.Only occasionally will you be lucky enough to connect to someone you can understand. I have nothing against international call centres and honestly do not care who I speak to, be they from Manchester, Manila or Mumbai, as long as they are equipped to resolve the issues.Of course I am far from the only BT customer to have this experience.So far, my partner Stephanie Davies and I have had to put aside six days of our lives to wait for engineers who never arrive, and we’ve spent at least five hours waiting in telephone queues and talking to people who, frankly, didn’t have a clue.Explanations were rarely given, and when they were it appeared that the yellow line on the road outside our property had flummoxed several engineers who had not been told that there was parking at the rear of the property (as we’d explicitly advised). None of the options it spews out seems to relate to the reason you are calling, and you are left tumbling through the system until finally you reach a human.

BT’s online community message boards are full of similar frustrations.‘How do I get through to someone in the UK to deal with this complaint?Place your bookmark on the cutting mat, and grab your ruler and exacto knife.Line up the ruler along the edge of the paper where you want to trim the tape.This can take a couple of tries to get the hang of, but it's worth it to avoid bubbles!Now grab the far end of the tape by its edges and bring it towards the end where you placed the bookmark. * Line up the edges, and begin smoothing the tape down on top of the paper.