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28 Dec

You can go ahead and file this one under "random, but potentially useful tip." :) Whenever I find I need new supplies or materials for a project, before I go out and buy them, I try to run through my mental list of stuff I already have that might be just the right thing for this project. These bookmarks are small enough - the paper will fit just fine sandwiched between tape strips. These bookmarks are for a Bible reading plan a few of us started recently (or will be starting).If I can make something I already have work, then that's dollars, time and energy saved. In this case, I needed a way to laminate some small bookmarks I was making as gifts for some friends. Next, grab your packing tape and tear off a strip that is a little more than twice as long as the bookmark. and could you please tell me your name, I just couldn’t catch it,’ the chirpy call centre worker asks.‘Hi there, Nicole, thank you so much for being online.‘They simply appear to be reading off a script with standard responses.’With this in mind, together with my partner, who is the joint account holder, I sent around 30 strongly-worded emails to Warren Buckley, the MD of Service Management at BT Openreach, listing the days we had wasted. George, from BT’s UK service department, said that the problems appeared to relate to the fact that engineers couldn’t park at the front of our property, even though at every booked appointment we had clearly given instructions that there was ample parking at the back.

I've actually done three sets of ten now, and it wasn't that bad. I do not wish to speak to the Indian call centre as I can’t understand them,’ reads one.‘In my experience, the call centres in India are worse than useless,’ laments another.Carefully place the bookmark down on one end of the sticky side of the tape.To avoid bubbles, lay one edge down first, and gradually push the rest of the paper down onto the tape, smoothing it down with your fingers as you go.