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06 Apr

In 1977, same-sex sexual intercourse was legalized in the Socialist Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, while male same-sex sexual intercourse remained illegal in the rest of the Socialist Republic of Serbia (including the Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo).In 1990, Vojvodina was reincorporated into the legal system of Serbia, and male homosexuality once again become a criminal offense.

The age of consent was set at 18 years for anal intercourse between males and 14 for other sexual practices.

In 1858, the Ottoman Empire of which Serbia was nominally a vassal, legalized same-sex sexual intercourse.

However, the progressive reforms introduced by Prince Alexander Karađorđević and Prince Mihailo were quashed when Miloš Obrenović returned to power.

An equal age of consent of 14 was later introduced on 1 January 2006, regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

However, other forms of recognition, such as civil unions or domestic partnerships, are not explicitly mentioned nor prohibited.