Qartuli olain chati

13 Dec

This online service for dating combines two components: the famous game and chat roulette.

Only all of this interest in random online dating is that it's video chat!

For example, if you are seeking for entertainment and music, you can enjoy GDS TV or Music Box.

They offer you innovative youth projects and are oriented on the segment of younger generation.

Political talk shows, entertaining programs and sports news -all of them are licensed and free to watch.

They offer the whole world the adapted versions of the popular television formats, foreign and Georgian movies, Brazilian and Turkish television series and animated films for children.

We made a site where you can enjoy the online translation of programs from various channels.

The fact that chatrulet allows bad to spend free time.As our site and the service we deliver will definitely increase public awareness and involvement of citizens in daily life, we aim to encourage critical thinking and support journalism standards online.With the set of channels that can be found on our site, our devoted visitors will receive accurate information and as a result, make informed choices.The main aim of this channel was to provide more self unpaid channels to the community that will facilitate communicating of information towards educating the mass, making them understand their political status through some stations that were used to analyze political status of given states in Georgia.Imedi television- This channel was founded in 2001 by a media tycoon called Mr.