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09 Feb

The note does not include any expli­cit instructions for the women to leave the strip club, or the owner wouldn’t allow them to distribute the bags.Instead, it contains a general message of support about their dignity and value.Jones does strip club outreach, for example, because she knows that traffickers recruit many women who work as dancers.Typically, the process starts with a pimp complimenting a dancer on her beauty, tipping her or 0, and then asking her out on a date.The state is susceptible to trafficking for several reasons.It has an extensive highway system that allows easy transport of victims, as well as a large number of truck stops that serve as active prostitution sites.The note includes a general message of support for the women and gives them a number they can call if they feel they are being coerced into working as prostitutes.Fearless and passionate, Jones is on a crusade to stamp out sex trafficking and provide women survivors with a place of comfort and safety.

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“But I believe we have a grace to do certain things.

Numerous strip clubs statewide provide fertile recruiting grounds for traffickers.

Moreover, the current opioid epidemic that has hit the state hard – Ohio leads the nation in opioid overdoses – allows pimps to use people’s addictions as a way to coerce them into prostitution.

At that point, he will identify the woman’s vulnerabilities – love, poverty, heroin – that he can leverage to control her life.

Sometimes, fake “boyfriends” take advantage of impressionable young girls. Growing up in Barberton, Ohio, she was excited about a future as an equestrian. Kaisk, the man coerced her into prostituting herself at a truck stop in Youngstown, Ohio; he got her addicted to crack, and then relocated her to New York and New Jersey for many years.