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27 Mar

With the assistance Kisses Of, thousands of single men are able to meet, flirt and date with some of the most exotic girls in the world.Kisses Of Africa is the number one african dating site for those looking to meet beautiful african girls online.Many people thought that such tactics was a bad idea, namely those who were afraid of Akatsuki getting their hands on Naruto, however Tsunade was adamant on the idea of keeping Naruto on the move and she felt that with each experience, Naruto would be able to improve his own abilities.Everyone was busy and here he was…riding a large liner and heading back home to Konoha…It would take several days before they made it back to Konoha so he might as well enjoy himself even if this vacation was not what he had in mind in the first place.

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He had been selected by Tsunade since she decided that it would be better for him to travel and be on the move than staying in the village all the time…plus since he was on the move, it would make it harder for Akatsuki to track his movements.

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He and his protector were currently taking different rooms in the upper cabins and the rooms were spacious enough to allow private dining for the guests.

"Naruto shouted in a loud voice as he digested just what Tsunade had called him to the tower for.)End of Flashback…Naruto learned later from Kakashi that he was being accompanied by Uzuki Yuugao…an ANBU that he had trained with years before in his time in the military arm of Konoha, and she was Gekkou Hayate's former girl friend.