Who is sam robertson dating

11 Jan

One minute, I think the idea was that he was going to be a bit of a cool kid, a hit with the ladies, and then the next minute he was a little bit bookish and a bit nerdy."I don’t think anyone quite had an idea what to do with him and I felt that really, I never got the momentum going from that beginning and ultimately decided it would be best if I left.Of his flings with Corrie fans, the Scottish actor recalled: "I'd go to nightclubs and there were always loads of dolly birds hanging around looking for fun - and I had lots of fun."But girls still called me Adam half the time.He double-checks that Rosie's boyfriend has been locked up when he forms a crooked plan to steal the cocaine.

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She is oblivious to his intentions, and Adam later phones up a contact in the States.

"When the character first came to the show, no one knew even what his second name was," Sam teased.

"Sometimes I’d get a script and it would be Adam Baldwin and then the next week it would be Adam Barlow.

It's weird when the girl shouts out your character's name in bed."It's also an easy excuse to kick them out on the street and not have to pay for dinner though!

Sam, who played Adam Barlow, was last seen on the Cobbles back in 2007, before he left Weatherfield to move to Canada .