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25 Apr

In the last couple of years only, Pattaya has seen the addition of a vast number of new attractions that appeal specifically to family vacationers and reflect the city’s changing tourism profile.

She wants to leave her country for you and she does not want to be another one of Belarus’ divorced women.

Indeed, Pattaya today is more than just the old “Disneyland for adults” and has something on offer for everyone – young and old, single and couples, families and pensioners alike.

If lazy sunbathing on Pattaya or Jomtien beach and the the city’s bustling nightlife shouldn’t be enough to keep you busy round-the-clock, Pattaya has a wide range of tourist attractions that cater to whatever your taste may be.

And if you’re the more adventurous type – elephant trekking in the jungle, a thrilling jet ski or banana boat ride, bungee jumping or a scuba diving trip, might be just the thing you need after a night on the town?

Having said that Pattaya has revamped its image significantly in recent years and is surely on its way to establish itself also as a “family-friendly” destination – Pattaya’s notorious nightlife and red-light districts are certainly still the city’s main attraction.