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03 Apr

If the Data Set already contains a schema, the current schema is extended by adding columns to existing tables.Extra tables will not be added if there are not existing tables.The following code examples show how to load a Data Set from an XML stream. To ensure best performance for Read Xml, on a large file, call the Begin Load Data method for each table in the Data Set, and then call Read Xml.The first example shows a file name being passed to the Read Xml method. Finally, call End Load Data for each table in the Data Set, as shown in the following example.Inline schema can be defined using XML Schema definition language (XSD) schema.

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It will also create the relational schema of the Data Set depending on the Xml Read Mode specified and whether or not a relational schema already exists.

If any tables in the inline schema already exist in the Data Set, an exception is thrown.

You will not be able to modify the schema of an existing table using Xml Read Mode. If the Data Set does not contain a schema, and there is no inline schema, no data is read.

To fill a Data Set with data from XML, use the Read Xml method of the Data Set object.

The Read Xml method reads from a file, a stream, or an Xml Reader, and takes as arguments the source of the XML plus an optional Xml Read Mode argument.