Dating a gemini men dating a recovered heroin addict

22 Apr

If they do stay home, they usually invite people over.But they are cerebral people, they don’t really want to climb mountains or enter marathons, or worse yet, triathlons. Do you wonder if that Gemini Man has the right stuff to be in a relationship? The answers to these questions and many more about to be revealed. For years, I’ve been helping people just like you try to better understand a sign that is mysterious to many and misunderstood by few.Because I am passionate about the work that I do, I’ve prepared this, “How to date a Gemini man” post in a way unveils key points through a narrative storyline.

Justin got another large expresso to go, but Gemini people go through life at a blur that mere mortals have trouble achieving.

Gemini Sun Signs are the conversationalists of the Zodiac, so it doesn’t take long for Justin to start talking to Anthony.

And who could resist that big smile, blue eyes sparkling with intelligence, and the witty anecdotes about Justin’s job?

Since Geminis make fast decisions, Justin decided to sit down and drink his expresso, preferably at Anthony’s table, if he can get to the spot fast enough.

Anthony is going over a sales presentation he has to give that afternoon, but motions that it’s OK for Justin to join him at the table.