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31 Jan

These include variations in genes, gene expression, the microbiome, health status, activity levels, geography (e.g. Some people may thrive on a long-term, low-carb diet.

I have patients and even a family member in this category. But that doesn’t mean everyone will have this experience.

Followers of this strange religious sect insist that everyone should be on low-carb or even ketogenic diets; that all carbohydrates, regardless of their source, are “toxic”; that most traditional hunter-gatherer (e.g.

Paleolithic) societies followed a low-carb diet; and, similarly, that nutritional ketosis—which is only achievable with a very high-fat, low-carb, and low-protein diet—is our default and optimal physiological state.

Or a clinician that works primarily with people suffering from neurological conditions has great success with ketogenic diets, and then makes the assumption that all people (regardless of their health complaints) will benefit from them.

Or that a low-carb diet simply does not work for everyone? It’s true that VLC/ketogenic diets are effective for improving the metabolic markers associated with type 2 diabetes.In these circles low-carb diets have become dogma (i.e.a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true).But I have not seen a single study suggesting that eating whole-food carbohydrates (e.g.fruit or starchy plants) leads to diabetes or other metabolic problems.