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13 Mar

No, this is not about whether you want your virtual agent to understand English slang, the subjunctive tense in Spanish or even the dozens of ways to say “I” in Japanese.

In fact, the programming language you build your bot with is as important as the human language it understands. Facebook, Slack and Telegram all support the most popular languages, while API platforms such as Dialogflow, LUIS and offer SDKs for the majority.

Of course, the caveat should always be to veer toward the language you are most comfortable with, but for those dipping their toe into the programming pond for the first time, a clear winner starts to emerge. Python is essentially the Swiss Army Knife of coding thanks to its versatility.

It also is one of the easier languages for a beginner to pick up with its consistent syntax and language that mirrors humans.

NLTK is not only a good bet for fairly simple chatbots, but also if you are looking for something more advanced.

From here a whole world of other Python libraries is opened up to you, including many that specialize in machine learning.

This meant that when Python was first released it was applied to more diverse cases than other languages such as Ruby, which was restricted to web design and development.

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Have a look at this sentence for example: Of course, the sentiment here is negative, but that might be difficult for a bot to detect given the word “brilliant” is used.

Searching for answers within Python is akin to finding a specific passage in a book you have never read.

In addition, the language is severely lacking in useful and simple examples.

With regards to natural language processing (NLP), the grandfather of NLP integration was written in Python.

Natural Language Toolkit’s (NLTK) initial release was in 2001 — five years ahead of its Java-based competitor Stanford Library NLP — serving as a wide-ranging resource to help your chatbot utilize the best functions of NLP.