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11 May

99.06 percent of his donations when toward Republicans. Other top Republicans include Browns owner Jimmy Haslam who donated 4,850 (91.12 percent to Republicans) and the aforementioned Woody Johnson who spent a total of 7,500 (91.95 percent to Republicans).

Top Democrats were neither as generous nor as ideologically rigid.

*It’s possible some donations were funneled through family members or masked through non-profits.

Per that data, Charles Koch only made 9,000 in individual contributions to the 2014 election.

relentlessly coaching Dylan, trying to drum into her that her father was a dangerous sexual predator,” he said in a statement provided to The Wrap. We also included NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell because, yes, you were probably curious. Owners, not surprisingly, skewed Republican in presidential elections. Here, using insidegov.com’s database, are the disclosed political donations* for majority NFL owners dating back to the 2008 election.But as the Me Too movement has taken off, Farrow gave her first televised interview to press the matter anew.At one point during the interview, Farrow broke down as King played an old video of Allen denying the charges.