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28 Feb

This may have been done in part because most Greek slaves were non-Greeks, acquired in wars or through trade.Athens even had laws prohibiting the enslavement of its citizens.

If we examine Gorean society, we find that less than 2% of the population are slaves. Though some Gorean slaves work in areas of production, especially the male slaves, they do not contribute significantly to such production.

Different scholars have their own ways of defining a “slave society” though there are three primary definitions.

First, a slave society is one in which slaves play a significant role in production and also form a significant portion of the population. Second, is a more qualitative approach, ascertaining whether slaves play a significant role within a society’s economy and production.

Third, relies upon the second definition as well but expands the definition of “slave” to include other forms of dependent labor.

One example of an ancient society that does not meet these definitions, though it owned slaves, was Egypt.