Validating contact form Sex private chat with female

18 Jan

the tool should need to check, site user exists or not, site directory already exist or not , iis user for this particular exists or all validation. Since we run all Linux servers instead of IIS, we do not provide any such solution.Here is a helpful link to the official Microsoft guide on How to set up your first IIS Web site.Thank you, John-Paul Hello Gero, That happens because the 'submitted' state is still in effect.When the page is initially created, the state is not 'submitted'.We have more tutorials with other methods to send email from your website at the following links.

It's using the previous validation provided by the code at the beginning of the article. If you require further assistance, please let us know! Hello, i have some problems with your code (thank you anyway for it).

Since the function gave a successful result, they will check to see how the server handled the email to see if there was an error.

Kindest Regards, Scott M Hellow, this the error message i get, Notice: Undefined variable: name in C:\wamp\www\kk\on line 45 Warning: mail(): SMTP server response: 550 The address is not valid.

We have helpful examples of PHP code that interacts with a My SQL Database, and how to use PHP to connect to and retrieve data from My SQL.

Thank you, John-Paul Hello Lesio x, The FROM field is the string representing your website you're sending from after an email is validated.