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13 Apr

We wanted to keep our girls in contact w/ each other and we became our own unique family. )I can't tell you what a blessing blogging has been to my life, at first it was just a way to keep in touch w/ our Pingjiang Families.This is just another reason why I feel THE BOOK is going to be a tool the Lord uses to change people's hearts for adoption and send some people on a the journey of a lifetime ... 17 years ago at am you came into this world on a sweltering summer day just like today, and have been nothing but a joy since. The last question: “Which celebrity have you been on dates with that we don’t know about?I’m in a relationship, [but] I’m kind of done with dating people in the public.” Though he didn’t name names, fans quickly connected the musician to Louis Tomlinson‘s ex-girlfriend because of a screenshot he posted then deleted of a missed Face Time call: The name was almost entirely blurred out…The generous support of the community for this fine orchestra made this the most successful benefit in the Palm Beach area to date.

On the rare occasion he’s not tied up with the aforementioned and other pursuits of awesomeness, he enjoys fighting street gangs for local charities and drinking from a cup that’s half full. Treat her mother with respect, honor, and a big heaping spoonful of public displays of affection. I love that you know little ones' eyes are upon you, and walk humbly in that role. More than that, I love that you're a student of God's Word. I love how you live in the moment..make moments count. I love your independent embrace the unknown, and take the plunge into "adventure" without looking back. I love your mentoring-spirit, and how you take your "example" seriously. I love the conscientious student you are, and how you welcome the hard stuff and excel in it. Paige has been in school for two weeks now, so I am awfully late on first day pics. Per tradition, Paige attended the annual Ellis Cougar Breakfast for her friends. She is blessed, but I think they are pretty blessed to have her. Paige and JM...these two are best of friends and have a stare down contest everytime they get together...goofy girls :) a.m. After school that day, we all took the kids to lunch so that they could unwind and of course for the cute photo ops :) This has been a great year for her already. She tried out, along with 60 others, for the Cross Country team. I don't know about you, but I sure didn't look that cute when I was a 7th grader! She got the team that she wanted (blue) with lots of great teachers, she is being challenged academically, she has lots of friends in her classes. Because so many tried out this year, they had to make an A team and a B team.