Updating the adm files used by group policy management

15 Jan

When the downloads are complete, users are notified that there are updates ready to install.Users can then run Windows Update to install the downloaded updates.- 4 - Auto download and schedule the install You can specify the schedule by using the options in this Group Policy setting.Options: if this setting is enabled, you can specify the amount of time that will elapse after updates are installed before a forced computer restart occurs.

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There are two situations where the effect of this setting depends on the operating computer:1. Cancel an update installation In Windows Vista or Windows XP, if this policy setting is enabled, users will not see a User Account Control window, and they do not need elevated permissions to hide, restore, or cancel updates.

Specifies that Windows recognizes when the computer is online and uses its Internet connection to search Windows Update for available updates.

When enabled, local administrators will be allowed to use the Windows Update control panel to select a configuration option of their choice.

However, local administrators will not be allowed to disable the configuration for Automatic Updates.- 2 - Notify for download and notify for install When Windows Update finds updates that apply to the computer, users will be notified that updates are ready for download.

Users can then run Windows Update to download and install any available updates.- 3 - Auto download and notify for install (default setting) Windows Update finds applicable updates and downloads them in the background; the user is not notified or interrupted during the process.