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31 Jan

I know the numbers…the fact that 43 percent of black women living in the U. are single, and that, that number jumps to a whopping 70 percent among black women.

I’ve watched far too many reports on it to count (most of which only serve to reaffirm what I already know) and engaged in my share of heated discussions on the topic (an inevitable by-product of any social gathering involving food and a group of black women.) And despite having watched, read and ranted this subject into the ground, I, of course, tuned in to watch yet another group of men and women fire back and forth about who is to blame for this prevelant plight of singlehood...nodding, clapping and “mm-hmm”-ing in perfect synchronization with the 602 other SSBFs seated in the audience. The sad truth is, that—incarceration, homosexuality and color complexes, aside—even if single black man in America married a black woman, that would still leave 1.8 million black women empty-handed (or should I say, empty-fingered.) It’s a staggering and disheartening number, enough to have a sistah feel like throwing in the towel on marriage altogether.

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Slightly dark skin, tan, brown hair and brown eyes burning - this is perhaps the characteristics of Filipino women.

Many of the young Chinese men I’ve met here are complete gentlemen and total romantics.

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There is no other interracial network dedicated to producing new movies like Dogfart.

Therefore, while Chinese men generally don’t seem to be the forward type, it's quite possible they're dating you in hopes of getting to know a lot more than just your culture. ” “I like apples.” “Apples are red.” “Oranges are orange.” “I am American.” “I am Chinese.” "Today is Tuesday." Smile. So you know that wonderful, fresh, cologney scent on men that just makes you want to melt…yeah, you won’t get that here..all..

: Ok, fyi, for the native English speaker, Mandarin Chinese is extremely difficult to learn (I’ve been studying for about three months now and I’m just getting to the point where I can give half-way decent directions to a cab driver and hold two-word conversations with the cleaning lady at my school and the staff at the gym)…So I suppose, there would be quite a bit of awkward silence on a first date and a conversation consisting primarily of “Hi, how are you? I’m not in the business of reinforcing stereotypes, but I must be real with you…the one about Chinese being bad drivers…

Watching Chinese men work their game is like watching a Backstreet Boys video.

They will tell you you’re beautiful, they will hold your purse, they will give you sappy lines like “You are the flower of my heart” and actually mean it.