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29 Dec

Hi, my name is Ashley and unfortunately I have quite a few health problems. I also have PTSD/anxiety from abuse so I can be shy until I'm comfortable and then I'm very happy go lucky.My main ones that limit my daily activities are: my heart problem which is called P. I also have chronic migraines, anemia, obstructive sleep apnea, stomach upset (similar to ulcers) and the latest that we are still trying to figure out we are labelling reactive lymph disease.Whispers4u have teamed up with the producers of Channel 4’s documentary about disabled people looking for love - "The Undateables"! If you are interested and want to know more please email to [email protected] - Make sure you mention Whispers4when you speak to them!Dating can often be a challenge for singles — especially online dating — but dating when you have a mental, physical, or emotional disability can make it that much more troublesome. it means I have problems standing or walking for very long.

- Search our ever growing database and view profiles and photos for FREE!Our members say that meeting someone here is far more comfortable than on regular dating sites, as you don't have to start explaining any mobility issues or conditions you may have, to a prospective partner.We manually review profiles, and remove or relegate low quality profiles.Our matching software will actively promote members to you based on the quality of your profile.It's worth taking the extra time to say a few words about yourself.