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02 Feb

There's a lot more to an abusive relationship than people think.

Not only is it physical, but it's emotional, mental, and sexual. As I said earlier people get the wrong impression of what abuse is, and why girls stay.

The way the book described why girls choose guys who are abusive, and why they stay in the realtionship really helped to answer the question of why I stayed in the one I was in.

It also put me in the perspective of my parents when they had to watch me go through what I went through.

It's not their fault because they were told by someone else who they were. It helped me understand so many new things I just couldn't wrap my mind around.

Overall the book was amazing with so many facts and stories that just blew my mind.

The stories always tied into the section of the book that you read, and the first part of the book where it talks about characteristics of an abusive realtionship, and why girls stay was my favorite.

I really liked this book because it helped me understand why things were the way they were in an abusive realtionship I was in.

Although the book is focused more towards giving parents advice, it helped me see what I couldn't see before.

First for anyone who actually knows me: No, I did not read this book because I'm worried about my teenage daughter's boyfriend.

I read this book because I've got four *other* daughters who have yet to start dating, and I felt I should prepare myself.