Cassie and ryan leslie dating

25 Mar

That’s someboy where I really appreicate when I was first coming up in NYC, when no one else wanted to take an interest, he took it upon his self (to help).

Even just a small audience, to have that type of response, that feels good, man.

With PARTYNEXTDOOR, Jeremih, Khalid all sprinkling their musical flavor onto Cassie's latest endeavor, she's finally ready to return to music and at full-force.

caught up with Cassie at the 1 Hotel to speak on her return to R&B, her evolution as an artist and songwriter, and which artists she's been working with for her new album.

It’s hard not think what could have been would their relationship been allowed to flourish. Theoretically we’re overjoyed, but her absence has also left a crater in our hearts. But despite Angie having his child, co-writing and inspiring his songs, background singing for him, and generally holding her man down, it appears as though D’Angelo’s rising fame and the glitter of the celebrity lifestyle ultimately diverted his attention away from the relationship.

When she was with Jermaine, we feel like we simply just saw more of our legendary boo. We can only dream of how D’Angelo’s path may have looked – probably a bit healthier – had a woman like Angie stayed in his life.

Boasting appearances from the likes of Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Fabolous and more, fans were more hopeful than ever.With her music career at a standstill, she pursued acting and made her debut in 2008 with Still, Cassie's music career remained in limbo.Even after inking a deal with Interscope in 2009, she wasn't able to release her second album. CASSIE & RYAN LESLIE While Cassie appears not much more than a statue and Ryan Leslie seems kinda like a douche in ways, we just feel sorta bad how sir-ever-changing-names-new-identity-every-other-week Sean Combs did the boy Ryan by stealing his girl. Got him sitting at home ripping off his shirt for himself. While the reasons they broke up are still mostly urban legend, people say Prince was clearly shook and never quite the same after. After crushing on her for years, Usher plotted hard on Chilli and got her as the female lead in the “U Remind Me” video. Though they broke up a decade ago, in 2013 Chilli fessed up to Usher being her ‘first real love’ and said ‘she’ll always love him’. There’s something to say for the person that rode with you early on. TREY SONGZ & LAUREN LONDON Though their relationship was never official, this June Trey admitted that Lauren was one of the two women he’s ever loved. These dynamic lovebirds left us all in our feelings after their messy split. Seems like they’ve both grown, too – can’t say we’d be mad at all if they found their way back to one another. PRINCE & MAYTE GARCIA Prince’s first wife caught his eye when she was only 16 years old. But while their status currently ping-pongs back and forth, let’s talk.