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11 Feb

Smith's" and results of that Race should be reported in the press.

However, the PAAC Committee felt that this was too egotistical and flamboyant for their fledgling club, and rejected his demands.

Before that time, it is very doubtful whether times, distances and heights were taken and measured with sufficient accuracy to make reliable records.

Through the 18th century and earlier part of the 19th century there were two distinct streams of athletics: – athletic contests which were part of the age-old ‘traditional’ sports and professional pedestrianism, which in time began to rank as a branch of legitimate sport, in the same manner as ‘prize-fighting’.

Our Club's fifth training run took place on February 27th, when 9 members ran the then longest ' CC Club training run' of about 29 miles on the special ' Thanksgiving' Tuesday Bank Holiday, to celebrate the recovery from typhoid of the then Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII). promoted its first 'open' track meeting on August 24th, 1872 in the vast 26 acre grounds of the then 47-room ' Belair' House, London SE21.

After much success in track & field meetings that summer, S. It was an 18th Century Georgian mansion, leased from Dulwich College by an SLH Vice-President, Charles W.

No doubt, some of these men had achieved remarkable feats in the prevailing difficult circumstances.

However, it is almost certain that before around 1850, the sport of athletics was not practised as a recognised system, nor was there any authentic record of performances.

However, in those days, membership of such clubs was known to be confined exclusively to ' Gentlemen Amateurs', although it seems that some members didn't always behave like gentlemen.

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With a characteristic flourish, he presented a "Challenge Belt" for a Mile Steeplechase and a "Handicapper's Cup" for a 440 yards race.

Characteristically, he soon demanded that the cup should be renamed "Mr.