Updating firmware for a81e

21 Apr

For downloads of the binaries (hex files), see Synthetos Download Page The Tiny G development team uses three main code branches, Master, Edge and Dev. After reading each code branch description you should have enough information on to which firmware you would like to load onto your Tiny G. If you want to use dev you will need to compile the project.

Setting up a project is described here: Once you have downloaded the firmware of your choice, you can move on to firmware updating methods, below.

What with the fuss that the KMart-exclusive Augen Gen Touch 78 has been getting lately, it seems like an opportune time to release a budget-oriented Android tablet that is actually purchasable.

updating firmware for a81e-68updating firmware for a81e-63

Related Pages: The Tiny G code base is still under development.

It is based on the WITS A81e, and unlike the Rocket Fish tablet tweeted by Best Buy CTO Robert Stephens it has some pretty hard specs to pore over.

CPU : Cortex A8 TI OMAP3530 @ 800 MHz RAM : 256 MB DDR Screen : 800 x 480 7” LCD Storage : 2GB Internal Storage & micro SD Expansion Connectivity : Wi Fi* OS : Android 2.2 w/ Android Market support Battery Life : ~5 hrs Wireless Internet The MIDnite also has three hardware buttons on the front, power and volume keys along with a headphone jack and USB connectivity around the edges, a removable (!! Other highlights include USB peripheral support via mini USB to USB-A dongle and the ability to load custom ROMs.

We still have a couple of questions about the hardware that we’d like to find out, and if we get more info about the internals of the MIDnite we’ll be sure to let you all know.

In the meantime fire away with your insight, desires and misgivings in the comment section below.