Dating violin problems with dating a divorced dad

30 Mar

If you wish to obtain a formal, written appraisal of your instrument, for which you may be charged a fee, consult the resources at the bottom of this page.-Dwight Newton/Is this a real Stradivari (Guarneri, Amati, Stainer, etc.) my Uncle Frank left me? Antonio Stradivari's designs and labels, as well as those of many other famous makers, have been copied more than just about any art objects in history except possibly the Mona Lisa.

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The result is that the varnish will flake or chip off in spots.When exposed to extremes of heat (as many instruments were before the advent of air conditioning) the layers expand at different rates.A well-applied oil varnish retains a certain elasticity that generally prevents this kind of crazing.In the Victorian era, it was a common marketing technique to attach fake, or even authentic, Stradivari labels to mass produced instruments made in Germany and France.This practice was not considered deceptive at the time, since it was common knowledge that these were cheap replicas.